Monica Hart Photography | About
Hey! I'm typically behind the lens and don't enjoy talking about myself but I'll give it a whirl....

My name is Monica. I am a wife and mother of two wonderfully imaginative little girls. They keep me on my toes! I don't take myself too seriously and am a bit of nerd. We live on the west side of Cincinnati.

I got my first camera when I was in high school and instantly fell in love! I enjoyed being able to freeze a special moment in time to be enjoyed for years to come. I spent countless hours in the darkroom long before I knew anything about digital photography. When I picked up my first digital camera my way of photographing changed and progressed. No more missing shots for fear of wasting film!

Family is my focus. I love catching my family in real moments whether it be smiling or crying. That is what I aim to do for my clients, catch them enjoying life!

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